That's why we're called Children's

It's always something. A broken something. A cancer something. A scary something. We care for more kids than any other hospital in Minnesota, so trust we've seen it and have the best in the world to fix it. Realigning the stars and getting kids back to their rightful place of happy.


Every Cent Kid Spent

Donations make everything we do possible. From little things like trikes in the halls, to big things like our cancer and blood disorders program, we rely on your support to help us provide the best possible care to all kids.

Specialists Down The Hall

Healing shouldn’t have to wait for business hours. Children who get sick in the middle of the night deserve the same great care they’d get in the middle of the day. That’s why we have pediatric specialists in the hospital 24/7.

Music Therapy

If you think music therapy is just for fun, think again. Research shows it actually has physical and mental health benefits that help kids heal faster. Our expert music therapists design specific treatments to address each child’s unique needs.

Once In A Lifetime

From common colds to rare cancers, we understand that whenever your child is sick, it’s a big deal. Our amazing nurses are some of the most caring, compassionate people on the planet. And they’ll do whatever it takes to give kids and their families the best care possible.

Rest Assured

Helping kids safely drift off to sleep before surgery is a skill that only comes from experience. Our pediatric-only anesthesiologists perform over 21,500 procedures a year. So they know exactly how to make the experience as smooth as possible for patients and their families.

Handle With Care

Brain surgery is an incredibly complex procedure, especially when you’re dealing with a developing brain. Led by veteran neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Petronio, our pediatric neurosurgery team has some of the best outcomes in the country.

Labor Of Love

Every person and every instrument in the Children’s lab is specially equipped to do more with less. We take great care to be as minimally invasive as possible during blood draws, so our lab techs are trained to perform testing using smaller samples.

Special Agents

Thanks to the generous support of our friends at Best Buy, Children's is the first hospital in the world with an on-site Geek Squad precinct. Geek Squad agents provide free tech support and loaner equipment to patients and their families, helping them stay connected to the outside world during hospital stays.

Didn't Even Notice

Our child life specialists are one of the things that make Children's so unique. They can help kids relax in any situation, making the hospital experience much less intimidating.

Little Things

Our staff helps make every child's time at Children's a positive, stress-free experience, which is crucial to the healing process

No Needless Pain

Relieving the pain and suffering of a child is crucial for the patient and the entire family. Our pain and palliative care team is devoted to improving the quality of life for children who come to us. Our program utilizes a combination of state-of-the-art pharmacology, physical therapy, and integrative therapies such as massage, hypnosis, and acupuncture.

Top Heart Tailors

Children's pediatric cardiovascular program is one of the largest in the region. Our team members care for thousands of the region's sickest children with heart conditions, including fetuses, newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and adult, long-term patients with pediatric cardiovascular conditions.

We Speak Kid

With interpreters on-site 24/7, we ensure that children and families understand their care options and all the services available at the hospital. Professional ASL, Hmong, Laotian, Somali and Spanish interpreters are on staff.

Private Rooms

We've designed private patient rooms to meet the changing needs of children and families. These rooms minimize the need to move patients, improve infection control and, above all, allow families to stay together during hospital stays.

We See Kids

We're the only hospital in Minnesota that exclusively treats kids, which means we've diagnosed and treated just about every pediatric condition imaginable.

Red Flag

There's no such thing as a small surgery. From ear tubes to brain surgery, we perform more surgeries than any other pediatric hospital in the Upper Midwest. So you can take comfort in knowing we've operated on almost every pediatric condition imaginable.

No Child Turned Away

A sick kid without insurance is still a kid. And we treat every kid who needs it. In 2010 alone, we provided more than $50 million of care that wasn't covered by insurance. Your support helps make this possible.

Cancer Program

We treat more kids with cancer than any other hospital in the state. From clinical research to pain management to early physical therapy, your donations help us provide local kids with the very best cancer care.

What little thing surprised you at Children's?
I'm at the Geek Squad in the hospital, they're fixing everything for me... so freaking awesome!
Today, Elle is a healthy 2 year old, who knows her ABC's, counts in both Spanish and English and can really carry a tune - thanks to the nurse who sang to her and rocked her at 2 a.m.!

Plymouth, MN

A Child life specialist took photos of my son receiving an xray and wearing the mask. This made my 7 year old so happy.

Eva, St. Paul, MN

I arrived at the hospital to find my son having a good ride in the swing, sitting out by the charge nurse's desk as she did some work. Thank you.

Josie, Rockford, MN

Macaroni and Cheese. On demand 24/7/365. Just what a picky 5 year old craves.


How all the nurses and Dr.'s in the nicu treated us like family. They really do work miracles there!!


The nurses followed the "orders" that were given by our son's older sister. They read "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" to him twice every night. The docs, nurses, and therapy staff proved over and over that it's more than "just a job" to them.

Cole's Mom

The EMT in the ER taught my 8 yo how to use his crutches and take care of his sprain. Well, he taught me too, but the 8y.o.thought it was all about him and was empowered to make good choices.

Lydia in Mpls, MN

A Child Life Specialist took the time to make sure my child was prepared for her IV start.


Dr.s with funny animals wrapped around their stethoscopes.


My 2 year old loves to run in hallways. When we were at the Minneapolis clinic last week he was running all around the clinic but all RNs and MDs just loved seeing a toddler running.


A changing light display in the ceiling tiles of the x-ray room.


The Dr. figured out something was wrong with our daughter on first visit. Dr's from elsewhere poo poo'd our concerns.


I expected the care to be exceptional, but I didn't know how much the staff would genuinely care about my child.

Julie, Elk River, MN

Before my son's surgery, he was given a comic book with a story describing the procedure. It was one of the things my son would read, and it made him a lot less nervous!


The patient educator who took my 5 year-old daughter through the step by step what she would experience while getting stitches. This made what could have been a traumatic, tear-filled event a breeze. And the popsicle at the end - brilliant. I'd never consider going any place else.


The urgency with which my 6 month old's pnuemonia was treated. And compassion. And the amenities for us on a 2 night stay felt more like a hotel than a scary place. Thank you thank you.

Oliver's Mom

The red Elmo t-shirt my daughter's nurse always wore with his scrubs. It had a huge happy Elmo face on it and the nurse was always smiling too. A little bit of sunshine during her surgery recovery. Thanks for the smiles Children's!


We liked the security at the hospital and how nice everyone was I have never seen such nice people THANK YOU

Heidi, Brian, Ethan, Jersey

They don't overlook the little things! Even something as small as making sure the blankets on our daughter's bed matched.

Genal -- Ellie's Momm

That our little two pounder in the NICU could be cared for so well that the now two year old can run through the halls on the way to see his doctor with all the staff looking on with smiles on their faces!

Jim, Minneapolis

Tom's BINGO Palace -- best in-room entertainment ever!


The one on one attention from the nursing staff in the NICU. My son was born 26weeks 9 1/2 years ago and the support from the staff pulled us through & made us so comfortable from the first minute of his life.

Anne, Minneapolis

Our daughter had open heart surgery at Childrens's Minneapolis when she was three years old. Their staff was amazing and really took the time to sit and talk with us, answering all of our questions every step of the way. Iwill be forever grateful for their help and understanding at such and emotional time for us. Thank you a thousand times over!


A doctor getting out of his car and offers me his umbrella as I am walking with my 3 little ones in the pouring rain. That is a guy with a huge heart.


Mindy in the ER read books to my toddler while he was getting stitches. This allowed me to keep his arms still during the procedure. Everyone we met last night was especially kind and patient with us. Thank you so much.

Yesenia Anderson

We loved the incredible staff. Everyone was so patient, kind and so smart too!!


How well they take care of anxious parents just as well as they take care of anxious children.


that little kids r ridding on sccoters n those kids cars, almost like they're at home which is amazing!!!!


Being offered a popsicle and juicebox every time a nurse came in to take vitals!!!


Painless IV starts, and doctors that used "teenage friendly" words!!! And the doctors telling me that they beleive me as I had been told I was faking at "adult" hospitals!


Doctors talking to me as ateenager and as me not as a patient!!


Watching a movie during anMRI!!!


Next time I need to go to the ER I'm bringing my kids here!


Very caring and helpful nurses and doctors who saved my life they never gave up on me.


My daughter walked out of the ER saying "I love stitches". She was in no pain and watched a movie while they were putting in stitches.


Teenage friendly words!


I Love all of the nice people there


Children's is the best! After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's 10 days before high school graduation, my care team made sure that I could still attend the ceremony and my grad party.

Sasha, Coon Rapids, MN

Our firstborn was airlifted to Children's 12 hours after she was born. We were devastated. The parent sleep rooms were a huge blessing!

Jon K.

Being a teenager, I get treated like an adult in normal hospital settings. Children's saw me as still a child, but treated me like a teenager. I may be 16, but I still don't like needles!


How well they take care of anxious parents just as well as they take care of anxious children.


that little kids r ridding on sccoters n those kids cars, almost like they're at home which is amazing!!!!


Watching a movie during an MRI!!!


Doctors talking to me as a a teenager and as me not as a patient!!


Painless IV starts, and doctors that used "teenage friendly" words!!! And the doctors telling me that they beleive me as I had been told I was faking at "adult" hospitals!


Being offered a popsicle and juicebox every time a nurse came in to take vitals!!!


Next time I need to go to the ER I'm bringing my kids here!


  • Neonatal


    • Top-ranked neonatal hospital in Minnesota (U.S. News and World Report)
    • Private rooms for every baby
    • Largest high-risk neonatal referral center in the Upper Midwest
  • Cancer / Blood Disorders

    Cancer / Blood Disorders

    • Largest cancer /blood disorders program in the region
    • Survival rates and treatment outcomes that consistently rank among the top 10 programs in the U.S.
    • Nationally renowned pain management team
  • Cardiovascular


    • New, world-class pediatric cardiovascular center
    • Some of the best high-risk heart surgery outcomes in the country
    • The only hospital in the five-state region to offer all the pediatric cardiac services in one location
  • Diabetes/Endocrinology


    • The only diabetes center in the region that exclusively treats children and teens
    • Recognized by the American Diabetes Association for excellence in educating newly diagnosed patients and families
    • Telephone support and diabetes support groups
  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Cystic Fibrosis

    • Ranked one of the top 10 programs nationally in key outcomes measured by the National Cystic Fibrosis Registry
    • Accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • Full spectrum of coordinated inpatient and outpatient services, from diagnosis through ongoing care
  • Emergency Department

    Emergency Department

    • One of the busiest pediatric Emergency Departments in the country (80,000 visits last year)
    • New Minneapolis ER facility is designed to reduce wait times and improve efficiency and patient experience
    • Currently building Minnesota's first Level 1 pediatric trauma center inside a children's hospital
  • Vaccinations


    • Kohl's and Children's Influenza Prevention Project for Kids provides free vaccination clinics and educational assemblies in schools
    • Last year provided free seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccinations to more than 3,000 children and adults
    • Children's encourages all kids 6 months of age and older to be vaccinated for influenza
  • Clinics


    • 8 clinics conveniently located throughout the Twin Cities metro area
    • More than 129,932 outpatient clinic visits in 2010
  • Stitches


    • Pediatric suture specialists
    • Child life specialists control anxiety and pain through relaxation and distraction
  • Geek Squad

    Geek Squad

    • The only hospital in the world with an on-site Geek Squad precinct
    • Eliminates techno stress by providing free tech support for patients and their families
    • Help set up Caring Bridge pages, provide phone and computer chargers, and much more
  • Child Life Specialists

    Child Life Specialists

    • Work with children and adolescents to minimize their stress during hospital stays, clinic visits, emergency rooms, and more
    • Certified professionals with a bachelor's or Master's degrees in fields such as child development, education, and child psychology
    • Trained to identify each child's unique strengths and use techniques to help them feel comfortable
  • Music Therapy

    Music Therapy

    • One of the leading music therapy programs in the country
    • Partnered with the world-renowned MacPhail Center for Music
    • Proven to enhance memory, communication, and overall wellbeing
  • Pet Therapy

    Pet Therapy

    • Animal Assisted Therapy utilizes trained companion dogs to give kids a sense of control
    • Normalizes the hospital and therapy environments, which calms kids
    • Shown to cause significant improvements in treatments
  • Star Studio

    Star Studio

    • Our very own in-house TV channel
    • Home to Kids Clubhouse—a live, call-in TV show just for patients, produced on-location in our Minneapolis hospital
    • Our own Channel 13 features 24/7 handpicked programming for the whole family
  • Arts & Healing

    Arts & Healing

    • Integrates arts programs into the Children's healthcare model to help patients and families in their own healing process
    • Provides positive distractions, educational fun, and relief from pain by bringing beauty and delight to patients and families at a critical time in their lives
    • Innovative program that is a model for other hospitals around the world
Even more reasons we're called Children's

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